Fort Worth, TX (March 30, 2011) – On March 26, Universal Recycling Technologies, LLC (URT) collected 79,568 pounds of electronics waste (e-waste) and universal waste (batteries) at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX as part of a recycling event hosted by the Dallas Mavericks basketball team and co-sponsored by electronics manufacturer Samsung and URT. This was the third and most successful annual collection event for the group, bringing in 11,797 more pounds than last year’s event. Samsung and URT provided all recycling services at no cost to residents. Samsung and URT provided all recycling services at no cost to residents.

The Mavericks once again selected Universal Recycling Technologies as its national recycling partner for the event in part because of its commitment to ethical recycling. It is critical to select a recycler who tightly controls the process, never shipping materials offshore to third-world countries that lack appropriate recycling regulations. URT is an e-Stewards qualified recycler (, adhering to the strictest standards in the industry today. E-Stewards companies and manufacturers are thoroughly vetted, to ensure all recycling processes are ethical and sustainable.

URT is also one of the few companies in the nation with proven clean glass-to-glass processing capabilities, which supports sustainable recycling of hard-to-recycle items like cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors and televisions. Using equipment URT developed, the company is able to recycle obsolete monitors and televisions into new cathode ray tube glass. Glass is sorted by type and chemistry, and turned into a reusable commodity, with no exposure to the environment. This is the preferred management method of state and federal regulatory agencies.

The event collected thousands of TVs, computers, monitors, laptops, keyboards, mice, power cords, batteries and other used electronic supplies. URT transported the e-waste to one of its nationwide processing locations in Forth Worth, Texas, where the electronics were “de-manufactured” (or taken apart) to component level and the components are processed back into raw materials for use in new products.

Many states already ban the disposal of e-waste in municipal landfills due to the harmful heavy metals these items contain, including lead, cadmium, chromium and mercury. Texas does not yet have these regulations in place, so events like this one offer a safe alternative. While recycling hazardous e-waste generally involves a fee, URT and Samsung were pleased to offer this event at no cost to Texas residents to encourage responsible recycling.

URT applauds the commitment of its partner manufacturer, Samsung, to responsible recycling throughout the many markets it serves.

URT is a national electronic and universal waste management recycling organization, headquartered in Janesville. A recognized industry leader, URT provides end-of-life recycling (de-manufacturing), asset recovery services (ARS), universal waste, commodities, and logistics management services to major market segments including original equipment manufacturers (OEM), retailers, municipalities, and Fortune 500 organizations. Since 2007, the company has been privately owned by Hendricks Holding Company, Inc. ( To learn more about Universal Recycling Technologies, LLC, please visit

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