Vermont Recycling Program


For information about the lamp recycling program, eligibility, application process, and other miscellaneous inquiries, please contact:

Erik Sorenson – Director of Lamp Recycling Initiatives
Office: 703.841.3234

To order containers or request a pickup (for approved participants, only), please contact:

Lisa Baileys – Customer Service Representative
Office: 888.350.2350

State of Vermont NEMA Packaging Guidelines
Fluorescent Lamps

Place lamps into either the original manufacturer’s box or into a URT provided containers (18 - 8-foot lamps). If using larger URT boxes, pack with 100 - 4-foot lamps or 30 - 8-foot lamps. Tape filled boxes closed.

If inventory is over 15 URT boxes or over they must be palletized. Stack filled and taped lamp boxes on a shipping pallet by alternating the direction of each stacked layer. Stack boxes no more than six (6) layers high if using URT boxes. (Diagram Below)

Store in a dry location protected from breakage.

Affix “Universal Waste” (white) label to each box or to a shrink-wrapped pallet of filled boxes. Affix “Class 9” (black and white diamond shaped) with black and white bars pointing up.

Broken or crushed lamps may or may not be considered universal waste depending on the state in which they are generated. Broken or crushed lamps, other than those broken incidental to handling and already contained within a sealed box, must be contained in a sealed plastic or steel drum or bucket. Labeling requirements will vary depending upon the state in which the lamps are generated. URT will send the correct label based on the state requirements.

HID and Incandescent Lamps

Carefully place lamps into URT provided containers. Affix ”Universal Waste” (white) label to the container. Affix “Class 9” label (black and white diamond shaped) with black and white bars pointing up.