About Us

Our Corporate Office
2535 Beloit Ave.
Janesville, WI 53546

WasteSecureTM is a subsidiary of Universal Recycling Technologies, LLC, in Janesville WI. We offer the safest, most cost-effective recycling solution for universal waste by eliminating your potential risk of handling and storage of fluorescent lamps, batteries, ballasts and electronic equipment. WasteSecure offers reliable products and services that make recycling easier and economical.

Our Promise

It's simple. We help businesses comply with federal and state regulations for recycling efficiently and effectively./p>

It's easy. Order online by phone, fax or sign up for our auto re-order program with same-day shipment. Easy step-by-step instructions are on the container and enclosed in the information package in English and Spanish.

It's cost effective. We provide industry-standard recycling, handle multiple locations and eliminate the need for numerous vendors through across-the-board pricing.

It's regulated. Certificates of compliance are issued via email or facsimile for all recycled materials. Reporting is customized to your company's requirements, so you can access your records monthly, quarterly or annually. Most importantly, we don't broker out your waste to other companies.

Our Recycling Facilities

Universal Recycling Technologies, LLC (www.URTsolutions.com) specializes in the proper recycling of used or obsolete computer monitors, televisions and other electronic equipment, fluorescent lamps, batteries and ballasts. Headquartered in Janesville, WI; additional facilities are in Clackamas OR, Fort Worth TX, and Dover NH.

Please visit our websites to learn more about ways that we can enhance your recycling program nationwide.